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Good Morning
As most of you know I have been searching for Julius Wilhelm (J.W.) Burgdorf for a long time and have not yet been successful. But in reviewing my data I noted something that I I have not observed before but I do not think it will make any difference.
Julius sailed on the ship Oder from Hamburg in 1859 and arrived in New Orleans on 6 January 1860. I gleaned this info from a couple of places, the ship's manifest signed by the Captain and from an index card from the New Orlerans Custom House. I took a look at the Castle Garden site and found the identical information with the exception that he arrived in New York, not New Orleans.
Why the discrepancy?
I also downloaded information on the ship Oder that lists various voyages. In the years 1859 and 1860 only New Orleans is listed. For 1960/61 New york and Cardiff are listed.
GTA lists his name on a voyage arriving in New York from Hamburg on the same date, 6 January 1860.
Any opinions?
I got similar basic data from the Ancestry site so decided to try them. They rejected my password saying some other member was already using it. I doubt the authenticity of that.

The text by ancestry say New Orleans:

Name: I W Burgdorf
Birth: abt 1827
Departure: Hamburg, Germany
Arrival: 6 Jan 1860 - New Orleans, Louisiana

The original copie (by ancestry) say Port New York:


I made a copy to my computer.

Werner Honkomp