Isensee and Cuxhaven in Hannover?

Dear Hannover List,

My great-grandmother Elise AHLF was born in the Isensee and Cuxhaven area.
Were these towns in Hannover or part of the domain of Hamburg? Any help or
suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you very much.


Hello Katherine,
     The LDS has records for Cuxhaven, Hamburg, Germany. That would seem to
suggest that Hamburg is the answer to your question. However, records for
Oberndorf (which is near Isensee) are listed as Oberndorf, Prussia,
Hannover, Germany. Why that would be the case, I have no idea. Some
historical verification would probably be more reliable than my suggestions

Dear Barabara and Katherine,

there is a historical background for that. Cuxhaven was built as a seaside-resort
in the first part of 19th century by the so called "Hamburger Pfeffers�cke". That
is a bit disparaging name for the rich and wealthy people of Hamburg, who for
example made their money in trading pepper and other spices. Also before this
this part of country in the mouth of the river Elbe known as "Amt Ritzeb�ttel"
was in possession of Hamburg. From there they tried to keep open the way for
upcoming ships and keep of enemies intruding into the river. So this area around
Cuxhaven made something as an island in the later Lower-Saxony, where it does
belong to nowadays. Isensee as far as I can see is situated in the "Land Kehdin-
gen", what is just the name for the landscape and should always have been a part
of Lower-Saxony, respectively the Kingdom of Hanover.

with best regards Hans Peter Albers

Barbara Stewart schrieb:

Dear Kathrine,

Cuxhaven and Isensee are in the near of Hamburg, so I think both country
were a part of Hamburg and not of Hannover.



Hallo Jens !
Till 1937 Cuxhaven was a part of Hamburg und now belongs to Niedersachsen.
Isensee was always a part of Hannover. In find it in the official book of
the postcodes under Nr. 21756 as a part of Osten in the land of Kehdingen.
Manny Greetings from Hamburg