Ins Land der Franken fahren

Hallo, Franken, und solche die es gerne sein moechten, warte schon
ueber 24 Stunden fuer eine einzige kleine Meldung, aber nichts kommt,
was ist los? Niemand zuhause?

Hello, listers, I joined this list yesterday and have yet to see the
first posting, anybody home? This short note is to let you know that
I am not a 'Franke', rather a Hesse, and my hobby is to research the
Hessians of the American Revolution, the one's which were hired by
King George III to fight those rebels. Many of them were called
Hessians, but really came from all corners of Germany, why, there
was even a Regiment from Bayreuth, and one from Ansbach, we call them
the Ansbach-Bayreuther. Interesting stuff.
Just today I researched one who came from Erlangen, the city just
north of Nuernberg. His name was Zeilmann.

Well, that's all the introduction I give you for today, who wants
to know more, by all means put some questions on this list.
BTW, does this list have an archive? And if it has, how do I access it?
John Helmut Merz,
I am at home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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