Illinois Places

Dear List,

Last week I took a drive from St. Louis to Sparta, Illinois. The Illinois counties I passed through were St. Clair, Randolph, Monroe..and perhaps for a moment Jackson county.

Neat thing I remember is a passing through small Illinois towns. Somewhere between Redbud, Wood River and Sparta, Illinois drove thrue a small town called "New Hannover"!

Well, to make a long story short... reminded me of the neat people on Hannover List.

St. Louis

Dear Barbie,
  I live in Jackson county -- just south of Carbondale. I have gotten used to the places that are named after their German (and other countries) predecessors. When you learn a little German you always have to think twice about how to pronounce them. We're already famous down here for totally killing some perfectly nice names:

Cairo, IL - Kay-Ro
Vienna - VY-Anna
Beaucoup Creek - Buckup creek.

I really shouldn't tell you about it, though. Try Gravois, Pestalozzi, Carondelet, etc. I was born in St. Louis and always have to explain some things to visitors. Let me know if you ever get the argument settled about Missouree or Missoura.