I need some help with this list

Hi Fred,

If you need some help I'd be glad to watch the list for a while. Just let me


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Fred's going on vacation....


and the nominees are: Juergen Drees, Bob Niehaus and Don
Meyer. They will be the new co-owners of the list. Everybody stand
up and give them a hand. clap, clap, clap. How does one do that in
German I wonder? Klatsch, Klatsch, Klatsch?

Somewhat off topic but actually I'm always on vacation. If it weren't
for this genealogy stuff I'd actually have some time to do things too.

I'm going on a non-genealogical trip for two months with laptop but
without most of my daily duties. Our oldest granddaughter will be
with us so maybe it's not really non-genealogical. I hope it will be a
memory in her life to store and recall long after we're gone to the
other side. In Florida, were we spend out winters, we consider
ourselves sitting in some huge waiting room for heaven, bugs and

This trip will be winding up in Santa Fe, NM were I have a niece
married to an artist, a painter. So we have more genealogy. One
forgets that family is genealogy. My daughter's children and her
children are 2nd cousins or is it cousins once removed. I can never
remember the difference.

On Monday we'll be camping (sort of a misnomer in our luxury bus)
in Mark Twain Campground in Hannibal, MO. It is where Samuel
Clemens played as a boy and the caves he explored are part of the
campground. Our 10 year old Amanda just had a lead in a Huck
Finn play and can't wait to see the real thing. We will be making
stops like that for the duration and I hope to be able to decate a
little time to my little pet so that she can remember the trip and her
grandparents when most of us here will no longer be able to do
genealogy. :slight_smile:

Secretly I'm hoping she'll pick it up as we know it can be an
infectuous desease.