Hüschen / Huyskens

I am looking for more information of the family of Johann Friedrich Hüschen
(b. ca 1775 in Westerstede).
He came with his wife Margaretha Christina Hasteden, his son Maarten Hendrik
Frederik (b. 1801) and his daughter Catharina Johanna Henriette (b. 1803) to

His surname is written in many different ways: Hüschen, Hülschen, Hüsken and
Huyskens or Huijskens.

In particular I’m interested in a brother or a nephew of Johann Friedrich,
Gerd Hülschen or Gerrit Huyskens.

He is born in 1798 in Westerstede.

Gerd / Gerrit was a contractor in the construction / dredging industry.

He died in 1823 in a violent way while working on the Groot Noord-Hollands
Kanaal, in the Alkmaar area.

For the ones who want to know more (and who can read Dutch :)) go to

Who are the parents of Gerd / Gerrit, does he have brothers and sisters,
when does he emigrate to Holland?

Hope someone can help me.