How do I unsubscribe?

Is it impossible to unsubscribe from this list? I have tried all
possibilities that I can think of over an extended period of time, all with no
    I have even followed the instructions recently given on this list but
that does not work either.
    Would someone explain to me in laymans terms exactly what I have to do to

First click on the linl at the bottom on this message with the word "mailman" in it.. Since your default language is likely still set to the original Deutche the page will come up in Deutche and at the top athere will be a box with the word Deutche in it. Click on the down arrow in the blue box. Then click on Englisch (USA). Then click on the words "View this page in" that is to the left of that box.

At the bottom of the page is an are for subsubscribers. At the bottom of this area is a box for your email address. Enter it as you are told on the lines above to unsubscribe. Then click on the button to the right of the box.

If the next page comes up in Deutche there will be a box at the top with the word Deutche in it and you will have to change it to Englisch again by using the drop down box way the same way that you did in the first paragraph. Now simply click the unsubscribe button in the middle of the screen.

This is the message above the unsubscribe button that you should have read before clicking on it. The following is a paste from the English version of the webpage. By clicking on the Unsubscribe button, a confirmation message will be emailed to you. This message will have a link that you should click on to complete the removal process (you can also confirm by email; see the instructions in the confirmation message).

The message is so that another person cannot unsubscribe you without your permission. It will come in German. If you cannot figure out which link to click on use to translate.