Holst /holtz / holz

Dear Listers,

Does anyone have any knowledge of Sembzin, Sietow, or Kambs bei Robel [ with umlaut over the "o"]???

My HOLTZ family came from this area. I want to find the parents of my great great grandmother
Catherine Dorothea HOLTZ or Holst or Holz [ her maiden name]. I have searched records at the Family History Center with no success. Heinrich, born 1814 , her son and the rest of the family emigrated to the USA and all settled close together in south western Michigan where I live so they are not a problem.

Perhaps someone in that area could have some knowledge of the family. I am sorry I don't write or understand German.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Phyllis Smith

Phyllis, My Great-Great Grandmother, Caroline Holls (her maiden name)
came from the Mecklenburg area...maybe another variation to the

Mark Grapentine

Dear �Mrs.Smith,
today i searched RANDOW in Warlin near Neubrandenburg and saw HOLZ, i
rembered your search:

died 50 years old on Juli 1817 born 1757 in Warlin, Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Johanne Dorothea Friederike HOLZ
born 21 Februar 1825
Parents: Christoph Holz , Mother .......from Wendorf
Godparents: Dorothea Meinecken
                     Friederike Holtz
                     Johann Holtz from Eichhorst

Viele Gr��e