Holdorf Book

To Robert Niehaus:

I appreciate your note on the Oldenburg net about the Holdorf book. Lake
Tahoe is indeed a lovely place.

I have translations of the following chapters of HOLDORF 1198-1988:

p. 182 Zur Geschichte der Bauerschaft Ihorst
p. 290 Das Gut Ihorst
p. 426 Die Heuerleute
p. 433 Der Hollandgang
p. 438 Die Auswanderung
p. 705 Zur Geschichte der kath Pfarrgemeinde Holdorf

Which chapters have you translated? I hope they're different ones! We can
exchange, if they are.
The name I'm researching is Volkerding. Which are you doing?

Elaine Volkerding Moser

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