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>The word Commia appears as the occupation on an emigration index card for my grandfather. My German to English dictionary does not list it. Can anyone help. The last letter ' a' can be an 'n' or something else. The typed letter is closed as to appear as a large dot. On other records he was said to be a clerk

Hello Max,

the writing should be correct "COMMIS", which means as much as "Handlungsgehilfe" or in English clerk. The problem with your dictionary may be caused by the beginning "C", which is an elderly form of writing and lateron was often changed into "K". that means you might be lucky to find explanations in more modern dictionaries under "KOMMIS". Be careful not to look under "KOMMISS", which is something totally different and is dimiuitive by members of an for all sorts of military organizations.

>Werner Honkomp was kind enough to send me several Burgdorf phone numbers in Baddickenstedt. Three of the names I do not understand. The individual's name is listed followed by the phone number. The second line states 382..Baddeckenstedt*. I cannot determine if a street address is listed. Does the * mean that there is no address listed?
Thanks, Max

Checked an elder telephone directory, which shows the persons without a street name being living in "Elbe". I would presume after all following the directory customs, that there is a special part of Baddickenstedt called "Elbe". Perhaps they haven`t yet got a street name or just did not want to have it written in the directory, probably the last reason will be right. If you want to send a letter over there, it will reach the person nevertheless with great probability. The second line gives the postcode.nrs. 38274 and 38271. All the Burgdorf named seem to live in that part of Baddeckenstedt called Elbe or nearby Groß-Elbe. The mystery with the postcodenr.-endings ...74 and ...71 is, that 74 indicates the former part of its own Elbe or Groß-Elbe and 71 the living places situated already more nearby the former territory of Baddeckenstedt. Its the trouble with the always changing administrational borders.

I found the following entry of a marriage of an Burchtorff of Groß-Elbe:

" ... oo Gustedt 26.11.1732 Hans BURCHTORFF, von Groß-Elbe und LOERS, Maria (Cath..),~ 9.3.1702 Gustedt...)Source: KRENTEL, Friedrich Carl: Höfe- und Ortssippenbuch Gustedt (1642 -1875) Hannover 1989, S.140

The former writings of Burgdorf varies, so Burchtorff should be inside the same family line. Gustedt by the way is also a part of Baddeckenstedt, at least gathered in the same telephone directory.

Hope that makes things a bit more clear,
Good luck in your further research

Hans Peter Albers, Bienenbüttel