Hi Lukasz

Just go to www.kartenmeister.com The villages are listed with some information. More important is the link to J.G Knie in the opening page of Kartenmeister. It will give the history of individual villages for the 1840 - 1845 time frame. There is also a 1830 Knie at a Vienna library with an earlier version. You may have to search a little.

Good Luck


Uwe-Karsten Krickhahn
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Permanent search for Detlefs ( Iowa and Heide, Holstein), Krickhahn, Praust WP.

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Hi Uwe,
thank you for tips.
I checked info about Marzdorf am Bober in this book in main Archive in
Wroclaw and I found a little info :slight_smile:
I bought a maps of this province
Now I would like to meet people who lived there till 1945