I am interested in any HILMER and HILLMER surname anywhere in the world. I
do keep a database of all records I find so I can share with anyone
searching the surname -- free of charge. My own line goes back to "Kingdom
of Hannover" and the area that is now Niedersachsen, specifically Kreis
Uelzen area. I also am the administrator of the hillmer@rootsweb.com
message list and encourage anyone researching these surnames to come and
join us. We are not a very busy message board -- mostly I share I share the
information I have found or has been sent to me so other researchers will
find it.

The researchers on the message board did submit for free DNA Y-chromosome
testing of a 'living male' from each line. We did find that some of do have
a common ancestor -- actually, two distinct lines were realized without a
common ancestor. We took advantage of the free DNA testing through Sorenson
Molecular Genealogy Foundation http://www.smgf.org ... the results can be
viewed by searching by surname using their test data on the site.

There does seem to be some connection to the lower part of Denmark in the
1700-1800s, but they seem to be sons that did not inherit that went to seek
their fortune elsewhere.

I do encourage anyone who is researching a HILMER or HILLMER surname or
knows someone who is -- to contact me or joined the message board.


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