Hermes - Detmer Holdorf

Hi Werner,
Thank you for your response.
The Information I have for Carl Fredrich Christian Hermes is that he was baptized on December 10, 1778 in Volsrade amt Hagenau, Mecklenburg Schwerin, son of Christopher Harms and his wife. He married Margaretha M. Detmar in July 1797 at Holdorf, Oldenburg, Germany. My notes aren't clear whether I got this information from Holdorf or Damme records.
The records for Volsrade are not available beyond the film that begins in the 1770s, so I can't get any information on Christopher Harms. There are two Margaretha Detmars in the 1700s in the Holdorf area.

I have the same problem With Elisabeth Borgerding whose son Johann Arnold Heinrich married Maria Hermes and emigrated to the USA. There are two possibilities for her also. She married Johann Schulte from Dinklage who took the Borgerding name because of the farm she inherited.

I am at a brick wall in taking these lines back any farther. I appreciate any help you might be able to provide.

Thank you
Tom McEntee