Herman and Gustav BUNGER / BUENGER

Hi Readers ;

Looking for place of birth for these two brothers. Gustav was born 14 Oct 1872. Herman was born 21 Jan 1875. Parents; Friedrich Wilheim BUENGER and Wilhelmine STOECKER. Both from Westfalen. Older brother ; Emil was born 8 Mar 1870 in Hattingen, Westfalen. He was Christen 14 Feb 1873 in Evangelisch- Reformierte Kirche Hattingen Ruhr [ KrSt. Hattingen. Believe All three brothers were born in the same place. Need record for the two brothers place of birth.

Also feel the three brothers left the area around 1890 and went to the Posen/ WestPreussen area. Need some form of record to that effect.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank You. John from Indiana