Henry William Meyer to st. Louis mo. a bit long

:the poster I think was Ginny. She mentioned everyone as henry
  william ,wife mary and caroline, charlote, and frederick william. .In
  the 1870 one must go to the next page from 3710 to 3711. It is
  interesting as aMeyer to notice how many Meyer names there are in
  st. Louis. Mostly in this ara i saw Bavaria and Baden with Hannover.
  I know i talked to lady in wi who had danish Meyer. Originally it had
  been Meijer, but changes in america to Meyer. Lots to sort through!

  Did she mention st. Louis mo.? anyway that isa where I found some
  family similar to what sounded like them. the handwriting for Mo is
  a bit difficult to know it does not mean the same but means Mo. You
  can find the interpretation of the handwriting at
  www.familysearch.org.. So my take on it is that those children are
  all born in st. Louis mo. the family has the ara of Gasconade. I
  think I received a leter from someone there with a tree of some of
  my Peters / Jasper there from Effingham co,. Illn.

  I did see the 1860 census and that shows intersting. In the 1870 and
  1880 census one knows that only a few children of the total children
  are there. The eldest women are probably married.. One figures they
  maybe married neighbors or the others from Hanover. I figure that
  they came some time in 1840's. That is all the time I spent on it. I
  didn't see anyone with any of them in their tree. but those in other
  parts of the country may know mo. but not where. You would have to
  run through each child and find bits and pieces. I suspect that the
  Henry William may have had brothers there too.

  Alsoe in the the 1870 census Isupect that Henry the brother was on
  his own as a servant . Just a few lines up. He had the same birth
  date as the one in 1860 census.

  I cpuld be wrong. I started getting mixed up and quit.

  My family has a book that was put out. We do have family in Mo. The
  problem is the information is there about those going back. but no
  data to support the informtion. I have names like schmobel that one
  never sees unless it is a mispelling. and no data that tells me who
  told them that. Where did they get that information? Then someone
  tells me that so and so says that daughter went to stay with them in
  grmany. but they did want the brother to know about the way it was
  during the war, so they hushed up. ??? So the older folks are getting
  alzheimers and dying. I Guess I had better get brave and write and
  see what happens. The book tell me that William and Fred Meyer had a
  brother in oregon and one in germany and i can not find him in the
  family records in germany. the thoughts occur to me that oregon
  could be oregon mo. or oregon some toher state and not really state
  oregon! The people that wrote the book are deceased I guess. those
  living are very proud of the book.

  I am grateful for it.

  I made a trip there once and will again for sure. while there found
  out that the picture in the book was not the maternal grandparents of
  grandparents Heins, but were Meyer. the basis of the information is
  scratching on the back of a picture. Which does not seem, that clear
  to me? So woe is me. But I keep at it and get bits now and then. I
  ran accross one that had a Meyer who was at Oregon, Mo. there are
  possibilies. the proof is in the immigration too. I really do love
  this hobby. Looking forward to a great gain in the new year with
  google searching.

  I did see a Fredrick married to a Rigina. in one of the census.

  Happy new year