Help deciphering


I live in Dayton and both sides of my family are from Minster, OH. Everyone that settled that part of Ohio came via Cincinnati and they all appear to have been from Oldenburg. On my mother's side my g-g-grandfather was a Medical Doctor who trained at the Univ of Freiburg and was born in Rust-am-Rhein (Baden-Wuerttemberg). He settled in Minster because the Germans needed a German doctor. He had four wives, three were from Cincinnati. Oldenburg, Indiana (NW of Cincinnati) was also settled by farmers from the Duchy. I am certain that I am related to almost all the families around Minster and I'm sure a few in Cincinnati as well.

Ted Wendeln

HI Ted, I have cousins in Charlestown, Indiana who think it's normal to be
related to everyone in town today. How much more so for these small farming
communities of southern Oldenburg before the age of transportation? At
least, that's the
hypothesis that remains to be tested.~Suzanne