Has anyone heard of Heithaefen, Hannover? Some records of mine show my Great Great Grandfather ( Freidrich Wilhelm Lange) was born there in 1839 and immigrated to the states in 1855. I haven't been successful in finding anything on Heithaefen.


Dear Dave,

could it be Heith�fen. This is in Lower Saxony between Osnabr�ck and Minden. It's now part of Bad Essen.

Merry Christmas and kindly regards from Germany,


Hello Bjorn,

Yes, that is the correct name. I had heard that it was near Minden. Would you happen to know how I might find any birth, death, marriage or household records for Heithofen?

Thank you and Merry Christmas from Wisconsin!

Dave Sandum

Dear Dave,

now the thing becomes a little bit tricky. I asked the genealogical place search
http://gov.genealogy.net/ for the place "Heith�fen" and found two! Both are about 20km from each
other. The bigger one in Lower Saxony closer to Osnabr�ck, the other very small closer to Minden in
Nordrhein-Westphalia. If you take a look at MapQuest
you will see the red star for the small "place" near H�llhorst, county of Minden and in the nordwest
you see the larger village Heith�fen, county of Osnabr�ck.

If you have any information that your Heith�fen was part of the kingdom of Hanover it is clear that it is the place in Osnabr�ck, Lower Saxony! But I give you two addresses. Just for the case ...

For records from Osnabr�ck please ask the Lutheran Church of Hanover:

Ev.-luth. Stadtkirchenverband
Hildesheimer Stra�e 165 - 167
30 173 Hannover
+49 (511) 9878-555
Fax: +49 (511) 9878-660

For records from Minden ask the Lutheran Church of Westphalia:

Landeskirchliches Archiv Bielefeld
Ritterstra�e 19
33 602 Bielefeld
+49 (5 21) 5 94 - 2 96
Fax: 0+49 (5 21) 5 94 - 1 29

Good luck with your further research and kindly regards from Germany,