Heinrich (Henry)Tienken b. Nov. 13, 1845, Wollingst, Beverstedt, Hannover, Germany

Hi again everyone.
I obtained a copy of the LDS microfilm from Beverstedt, in 1845 there were
three Tienken children Baptised in Beverstedt, so there are at least three
Tienken Families of childbearing age in that area at that time. Two of the
children are named Hinrich. I took a picture of the record from the
microfilm and was going to attach it to this email, but I do not know what
the policy for attachments is on hannover-l. If anyone out there is willing
to take a shot at translating it for me I will e-mail them a copy. With the
combination of the document being in German and the old script I am unable
to read it.
Thanks Nick

Hello Nick,

I have done some research at Beverstedt. Just send the scans to my private
adress and I will try to figure out what they are saying. I will not answer
before Tuesday as I am just about leaving for a short holiday.