Heinrich Christian ARP


Per www.familysearch.org:

Heinrich Christian ARP
b.24 MAR 1876 Belum, Hannover, Preussen

Just joined and sofar I do not know the language
spoken in latest emails.

German? Russian? Please help.

I am really interested in knowing if Belum, Hannover,
Preussen, still exists.

And what any lister can advise me in searching for ARP
descents there in that region.

ARP ancestors migrated to the Americas and the Samoan
Islands during the 1800's and would like to research
Hannover if I am in the right region.

Would Hannover, Germany, also be the same area for
Hannover, Preussen?

I have also seen Hanover, is that another area of

If this list is for German-speaking members, can
some-kind-soul direct me properly?

Thank you kindly.


     This list includes the languages of German and English. Most of the
information that is shared here includes the kingdom of Hannover - which
later became part of Prussia. There is also the city of Hannover in the
same territory.

    Belum still exists. It is along Road 73 east of Otterndorf. That is
very far north near the Elbe river.

   The LDS have church records for Belum:
Kirchenbuch, 1715-1852 Evangelische Kirche Belum (Kr. Neuhaus) You can
order the church records at a LDS center and view the microfilm there. Of
course, that covers the time before your Heinrich Christian Arp was born.

   Have you done a search on the Arp family on the LDS website? Try this:


   Search for Heinrich Christian Arp. You will find his name and a few
generations before him. It all ties Iin with the town of Belum. It will go
back to about 1818. If you can get the church records from the LDS that
will take you back another century.

Good luck,



suche f�r einen Bekannten nachstend aufgef�hrte Vorfahren:

- Magdalena PEINE, * ca. 1820 - 1825 wo?, wohnhaft in Kl.-Algermissen (dort aber nicht geboren) und deren Ehemann:
- Heinrich (Henrici) BETTELS, * 1815 - 1825wo? ebenfalls wohnhaft in Kl. Algermissen (geb. 1818 in Kl. Algermissen??)
Heirat der beiden wo und wann? (ca. 1840 - 1845)

W�rde mich �ber eine Antwort sehr freuen

Ursula (Schlotz-Winkel)