Hedebrinks and Heidbrink

Kathy in Ohio,
The spelling and pronunciation of these names are close enough to be suspicious. My connection to Heidbrink is Catherine Ilsabein, b. Abt. 1776, m. 4 Oct 1795 to Johann Henrich Fleher (another spelling of Fleer) at Herford-Altstadt, Münsterkirche, d. 7 Mar 1819, buried 10 Mar 1819.
Her parents: Johann Henrich Heidbrink of Pödinghausen and Anne Catherine Ilsabein Menkens.

In a separate entry, I show Marie Anne Louise Heidbrink, b. 1828, m. 23 Sep 1849 to Johann Christian Fleer, d. 1851. Johann Christian's father, Zacharias, was born and died in Laer, Westfalen.

Regretfully, this is all the information I have on this line.

When time permits, I'll check the distances between Herford, Laer, Eitzendorf and Martfeld.

Dave in Illinois