Dear Hannover list,

Do any of you know what the surname "HAUSCHILD" means? Is this an old
occupation? I did not see it on the Brigitte's Page - Old Occupations list.
The name is also spelled Hauschildt elsewhere. My Hauschild ancestors were
from Wehldorf, near Zeven, Hannover.

Thank you for your suggestions.


Hello Katherine,
Thje surname Hauschild does not necessarily mean an occupation, but also a
description of the person bearing it:
Hau(e)nschild(t) means as much as "old campaigner", or even "ruffian".
Until the civil registers were established in 1874/75 (in some, very few
regions before) the spelling of names was in the discretion of the writer. Even
in one same document the name could appear in different spellings.
So instead of saying "he spelled his name..." it would be more accurat to say
"(at that moment) his name was spelled (by the writer) ...."
Best regards,
Juergen E.W. Meyer schrieb: