Hattendorf in Hannover?

Liebe Leute,
[D]-mir war so, als suchte jemand HATTENDORFs?
[USA]-was�nt there anybody looking for HATTENDORFs?
Klaus Vahlbruch

Yes, I am looking for Hattendorfs. Henry (or Heinrich) Hattendorf, b.
abt 1822. Wife's name was Lenora or Elnora, b. abt 1819. They migrated
to the United States about 1855.

Thank you.

Margaret McCleskey, Arlington, TX, USA

Klaus Vahlbruch wrote:

Hello Margaret,
I didn�find your Henry (Heinrich) but I�ll give you what I found:
I found: [Year-Pag-Nr]

Thank you. Considering the dates in this information, it is unlikely that
these are the people I am looking for. They might be relatives.


Klaus Vahlbruch wrote: