I am looking for information about this family from this area!
Thank you for any help you can give.

Hi Ghyll,

        You should look at the Harmening name here:

       The Harmening name is listed there in Idensen and Mesmerode near
Wunstorf which is not all that far from Leese (to the southwest).

      You might try the LDS site and entering the name of Harmening and
nothing else. There are quite a few listed:

      There are 700+ Harmenings listed here:


Good luck,

Hi Ghyll,
the Family Harmening is still living in Leese.


Hi ghyll,
thats me again :slight_smile: just in the moment I have news for you.

a friend of mine has Harmening in his genealogie...
I`ve give him your e-mail address, he live in petershagen..

Greetings Sebastian

Hallo Ghyll,

I am working with the churchbooks of Leese in order to write an Ortsfamilienbuch Leese 1654 - 1753(Familybook for Leese). The Harmelings are living there for a long time. So what special information do you need ?

MfG Susanne

Dear Sebastian,

I don't remember if I wrote to you about this...

E.F.L. Rautenberg Bio
Lincoln City, Logan County, Illinois..

Source: History of Logan County Illinois...It's past and present..

Publisher: Donnelly, Loyd & Company Publishers Chicago 1878

If of interest to yourself I can send .pdf of data.