Hanoverian soldiers


Dear Joannah, and all who are interested in King's German Legion,

I can look up Hanoverian soldiers in the Kew Record Office for 1812,
when I go down next.
There is one book on the library shelf that is a compiled list.
It will give me something to do whilst waiting the half-hour for ordered
documents to arrive.

I do not know yet when I may be able to do this.
It may now have to wait until after Christmas.
I live in South England, and the railway service is notorious at this
time of year,
especially at weekends, which is the most likely time when I can go.



Could you check to see if there are any HILMER or HILLMER soldiers?


Hello Terry,
I'm search for the history of an American. His ancestor emigrated about 1850 from Damme/Oldenburg to the States.
The name is Lott or Lot/Loth. I know he was english soldier for the Hannoverans and setteled in Damme about 1760.
He must be born about 1739 in England, married 1761 und died 1763 in Damme.
Maybe there is also a notice before 1812 ??
Thank you,
Werner Honkomp


You are lucky to be able to access records on weekends!

But my interest in a Hannoverian soldier (Fehlig) pertains to 1866.

Bob Doerr in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks

Would you look for any with the surname GANSBERG?

It's a very small family. Thanks!


Great news. Thank you so much. Look forward to hearing from you in the New Year. Have a good Christmas!