Hannover Parish Marriage Registers 1701-1750 author Jürgen Ritter

"Doug Plowman" <dplowman@newnorth.net> schrieb:

        Does anyone have access to Band 1 (Lieferung 1bis 10,

parish registers 1701-1750 for many of the parishes in the province of
Hannover, Prussia/ All were part of the principality of Calenburg, Includes

    I am interested in Lieferung 6 which covers Loccum, Rehburg, Schneeren
and other places. I am interested in the surnames MACKEBEN for
Rehburg-Loccum and DUNKER for Schneeren.

Hello Doug,

that's not Band 1 but Band 2 that covers 1701-1750. Band 1 covers the time before.

Unfortunately the parish registers of Schneeren start not before 1748 and so they contain only 12 marriages and not any DUNKER.

The registers of Loccum start in 1731, but there's no MACKEBEN.

The registers of Rehburg start in 1659. In the marriage registers 1701-1750 there are 19 MAKEFEN (MACKEBEN) (12 brides and 7 bridegrooms). In what are you interested?


Hi Wilfried:
    I would be interested in all Makefen /Mackeben. I am doing research on
all Mackeben families in Rehburg.

Doug Plowman