Hannover Emigration Index

Do you know how much it would cost per record and for postage? Or is
there an order form that can be printed out? I see a few names which
I believe to be my ancestors.


Do you know how much it would cost per record and for postage? Or is
there an order form that can be printed out? I see a few names which
I believe to be my ancestors.


      Sorry about the previous email without my comments. I hit the wrong
thing and off it went!
      I have never ordered anything from the archives. In the past, people
have said that the bill was somewhere between 23 to 30 euros. Of course,
that would vary depending on the number of records you received. You
certainly could ask the people in the archive office how much it would cost.
Just write an email and ask them. Some people use Paypal (www.paypal.com)
which makes paying easy.
    I still am not sure about the Wolfenbüttel email address--the others
have changed theirs.
Good luck,

Hi Dave,

I recently enquired about getting a document from the Osnabruck center and the cost of such a document is outlined in the response that I show below. I have given them the go ahead to do the research but have not seen the results yet so I do not know the total cost including shipping. I hope to know that within a week at which time I will post the total cost for those interseted in the information.

Barney Speckman

Hi Barney-Barbara and others in the know,

I have deleted part of the thread for brevity.

Do you know if the same rules apply for Hannover and
Wolfenb�ttel Staatsarchiv's. I note that Tanja Volley's
response has an Osnabr�ck address and she makes reference
to the Staatsarchiv Osnabr�ck only.

Are the addresses different, are the rates different, are
different methods of payment required, will they respond
in English like Tanja did, etc.???

Thank you,


PS My spell checker wanted to change Wolfenb�ttel to Solvently. Is there a translation there, or is my computer just doing what it can with the information it has?

Hello Everybody,

I have never ordered anything from the emigration archives, but I have saved
2 letters from people who have. I include parts of their letters below

This one is regarding Osnabrück:
I replied to their email form letter, indicating that I agreed to
their terms and requested the particular file on microfilm. To my
pleasant surprise, the requested microfilm arrived in my postal box
within about a week, invoice included. (total cost 23.83 Euro)

I received 2 strips of film, one with 3 images and the other with 4
images (7 images total). Within this total, 2 of the images were
duplicated, at slightly different exposures. One of the images was
an image of a form with my order details. So, the result was 4
images of information.

This one is from the Hannover archives written in April 2003
Starting with the "Findbuch"
http://app.staatsarchive.niedersachsen.de/findbuch/ , I selected the
Hannover archive and clicked on "Abschicken". I then clicked on "Index",
changed the "Art de suche" to "nach Personen" and inserted the surname of a
person I was looking for in the "Suchbegriff" box. Inserting my ancestor
surname and clicking "Suche starten" I got a list of individuals with that
surname. One of the names had the same given names as my ancestor and by
clicking on the number in the column headed: "zur Akte" I got a
"Bestell-Nr." (order no.). Using the email address given on the home page
(poststelle@staatsarchiv-h.niedersachsen.de ) I asked for that Bestell-Nr. I
received a reply from an archivist asking if I really wanted all of that
order no. because it consisted of 700 pages. I replied back that I only
wanted records pertaining to specific names and gave them two names.

I didn't hear back via email, but two weeks later received material by mail.
In that material were both xerox copies and microfilm (35mm). The records of
my ancestor consisted of 5 pages. Four of those pages were a list of
Families or single individuals from the Amt (in this case Burgwedel) who
emigrated in the year 1858. The fifth page was a list of all who emigrated
from the Vogtei (a smaller jurisdiction or parish) Bissendorf.

The other name I gave them was a person who I knew emigrated alone and later
married my grandfather's sister. For him I got two different lists both
related to the military. Three pages were a cover page called a "Stammrolle"
(similar to a draft registration) and two pages consisting of list of males
born in 1847 to June 1848 in the Amt Burgwedel. The other list consisted of
a cover page called a "Geburtsliste" (birth list) and two pages consisting
of list of all males born in 1847 from a particular village. This last list
was compiled in 1868 and had a remarks column that indicated whether the
individual served in the military, was deceased or whether they emigrated.
Both of these lists had the birth date of the person, both parents names and
the village where he lived.

Included in the mailing was a bill which listed charges for paper and film
copies, archivist time and mailing costs which totaled 30.63 Euro.

Hi Gale,

I believe that Tanya works on Osnabruck requests only, so I have no idea if the rates for other areas are the same or different. I reached Tanya by using the email adderss in Barbara's email. Barbara's directions also include email addresses for the other tow aeras so I would suggest you send them an email and ask about rates and process to be able to find out for sure.


      I have found the email address for the Wolfenbüttel archives. The
email addresses of all 3 archives had changed. Here's the one for

It's similar to the others, but I wanted to be sure. I don't read German -
I only guess here and there, wandering around the Niedersachesen Archive
site. Finally I got it:



Hi Barbara-Barney:

I have deleted part of the thread for brevity and limited
it to my last question on contacting and communication
with the Niedersachen Archives.

Thank you for your responses.

I think that the e-mail address Barbara listed:
and the one Barney listed:
give me information which leads me to believe the one for
Hannover is:
I used two "n's" as that is what they use on the web site.

I sent a test e-mail to that address 45 minutes ago and the web mailman has not returned it, so I believe it is valid.

I believe Fred Rump stated that just because a name was on
the archive list, didn't mean that the person listed
emmigrated. My GF B�sche (not on the archive list) and
three of his sisters emmigrated. What I am trying to
determine is wheather the other 9 family members on the
Archive list emmigrated. I have not found them on any
census' I have looked at, except the KOH 1852. If they
had emmigrated, I would believe that they would have gone
to the same place my GF did. The reason I say that, it
looks like "Scotty, beamed" half of Anderten Amt. Hoya to
Crawford County Iowa. There are decendents from 6 or 7
Anderten families still living in Crawford County.


Hey People,
     You can't conclude anything definite about people not on the emigration
lists. Those lists cover only a small number of persons who emigrated.
None of my relatives are on those lists. In fact, what I have found during
the last couple years in helping other folks is that it is more likely that
your emigrant ancestors will not be on the lists. Why that is the case is
probably not known. Furthermore, it doesn't include people from
Ostfriesland, Oldenburg, Hamburg, and other regions.
It is just the wonderful tool that indicates birthplace, which we all know
is key to further genealogical research.

Good point Barbara. Searching for your ancestors on ANY passenger list - via an online resource or by microfilm - remains something of a throw of the dice in the end. Another key factor to remember is that your people may not show up in the INDEXES. Beyond what actual lists and ledgers have survived, and which ones are indexed or soundexed currently, there remains the very real factor that those you seek may be "transparent" to the indexes, that is, they may have been picked up incorrectly (misspelled) or not at all. HUMAN FACTORS = ERRORS ABOUND. The only way to know for certain - at least as close to "certainty" as possible - is to search the actual passenger lists themselves on film, attempting to put together as many clues as possible beforehand to narrow things down. The problem with this of course is that it can be extremely time-consuming as well as physically and mentally taxing unless you have some idea of a reasonable time-frame, and ideally, the port they entered. Short of that, it can seem - indeed can be - a rather daunting task.

For all these reasons, if any of your ancestors are spotted freely and quickly in any published indexes (beyond simply the Hannover Emigration Index), consider yourself ahead of the curve!

Brings me to an amusing but true story, one that cuts in just the opposite direction though. Some 12 to 15 years ago I ordered in every NY passenger list I could find for 1868, 1869 and 1870, as I was determined to find my family in them once and for all, based on the clues I had pieced together up to that time - which wasn't all that much. After the better part of 2 days or more (it's but a blur now) combing thru those film reels morning until night, I found them -- at the end of the (wouldn't you know it) 1870 film set. One of the very last ships into port, in December 1870! I WAS EXHAUSTED, and wondered if my eyes would ever recover from the assault. Looking back at it, let's just say it hurt so good. :slight_smile:

Now in my euphoria, I mentioned to an old friend I saw there at our local FHC that I had finally - FINALLY - found the elusive immigration/arrival record of our family in the microfilm reels I had ordered in. She naturally congratulated me, adding how wonderful it was that we had the new GERMANS TO AMERICA series to peruse as a reference, and that we should consider ourselves very lucky that the local FHC was intending to keep them updated by adding to them regularly. Needless to say, you could have hit me over with a feather. Hesitatingly (or was it in shell shock?) I went to the shelf where they were situated - unbeknownst to me until then - and found the same very listing (ship and date included) in two minutes flat. PLONK!

Memories �ber tears. :wink: