Hannonver and Kings German Legion

Dear Greg, perhaps the place is Nordgoltern in the kingdom Hannover near the town Hannover, Heinrich
"Greg Usrey" <greg@usrey.com> schrieb:

Hello Greg,

     The name of Nordgoltern is a good suggestion. It is near Barsinghausen
Southwest of Hannover the city. It is near Grossgoltern as well. Maybe
that was once known as Goltern--the church records may be combined there,
but I'm just guessing.

    Have you ever looked at the Mormon website? Go there
(www.familysearch.org) and search for just the name of Bauermeister and
nothing else, you will see hundreds of people with that name--many of them
come from Hannover the city or in many towns near the city of Hannover. You
might hit on something there that will help you. You can also do a place
search on the LDS site (for Goltern) but there are only civil records on
film for a limited number of years.

    A search on Google.com for Bauermeister and Nordgoltern or something
like that does bring up some items that may be of interest. You can also
find the KGL information that way.
     Also try this site if you haven't already--there are many Bauermeisters
listed there. Go to Metasearch

    Now if Nordgoltern is not the right village, some of this won't apply.
However, the LDS website certainly shows many Bauermeisters in that general

Good luck,