Gustav halb(e)

I have the German version of the passenger ship's list for Gustav
Halb(e) and his wife, Emma (Amma) and Daughter Joha. This list is more
detailed than the list given to the New York port authorities. I am hoping
someone can help me decipher the town name for Emma. Gustav sailed on
the ship Borussia and arrived NYC on 27 March 1868 and gave his
residence as Konigsberg. Gustav's wife sailed on the ship Hammonia and
arrived in New York on 12 October 1871.
It is very hard to read the last place of residence for Emma but it
looks like it could be Lasdehnen, Kreis Pillkallen. I did find a town by
this name that is now in Russia as is Konigsburg (Kaliningrad).
Lasdehnen is now called Lasnoznamesk (if my research is correct). Lasdehnen
would be in the general area of Konigsberg.
I do not know Gustav's father or mother's names. Does any one know if
records are available for this part of Russia. How can I further my
research? I haven't found anyone yet who is researching this HALB(E)
surname. I have fairly good information on this family in the USA. Hope
to find others searching this family. Lois Bolnick

The Mormons have microfilms of the Lasdehnen records.