Gustav and Herman Buenger

Gustav and Herman Bunger/ Buenger

This narrative is about Gustav and Herman and their families. The information presented here is derived from the back of photographs; since no public records can be found.

There place of birth is unknown but there dates of birth and parents names are. Gustav was born 14 October 1872. Herman was born 21 January 1875. Parents names are : Friedrich Wilhelm BUENGER and Wilhelmine Stoecker. Both from Westfalen, Preussen One brother, Emil was born 8 Mar 1870 in Westfalen In addition There were four other brothers and sisters all born in Hattingen,Westfalen. They were Emilie, Wilhelmine, Julie, and August. IT is my feeling that Gustav and Herman were also born in Hattingen. However no public record can be found.

Sometime around 1890 I feel Emil, Gustav and Herman migrated to the Posen/ WestPreusen , Area of Preussen; [ now Poland ]. Emil married Ida BEHNKE in Schulitz, Posen Preussen on 6 July 1893. On 24 July 1893 They Emigrated to the USA. This is on the record. Information on Gustav and Herman will be from Photographs and estimates.. Gustav marries Gertrude about 1897 or 1903 in Graudenz, West Preussen. Gustav is in Russian Army Officers uniform.

Herman marries Beate about 1900 in Friedrichshagen, Mecklenburg- Schwerin, Germany. Herman also in Russian Army Officers uniform. Herman and Beate have two sons; Arthur and Gerhard. Photo taken about 1905 in Danzig, West Preussen with young children. Another photo taken at Conformation about 1912 in Danzig. Danziz is now Gdansk. Graudenz is now Grudziadz. Schulitz is now Solec Kujawski. All in Poland .

Gerhard marries Ursula . Photo of Ursula , her three children and Herman taken in July of 1951 in Hildeshein, Germany. Children's names; Manfred, Dietmar and Jorgen.

Artur marries Name Unknown.. Children's names Haral,Arhin,Babs and Mauji.

Gustav dies 30 Sept 1944. Place unknown. Herman dies 21 Nov 1951 in Hildesheim, Germany.

Any help or ideas as to where to find records of these families would be greatly appreciated.

20 Oct 2002 John Gotlund