I need your help, if possible, in researching my German ancestors who are
listed below:

The following are the children of: Christopher GIESKE; b. about 1795 and
Elizabeth Moffett/Mefitt/Mofett; b. about 1800

1. John Christopher GIESKE; b.about 1823 in Osnabrueck, Hanover, Germany

2. John "Henry" GIESKE; b. 28 March 1829, Germany; m. 1875, spouse Mary

3. (Johan) Hermann GIESKE; b. 09 September 1831 in Vorden, Hanover,
Germany. My great-grandfather.

4. L(i or u)zetta Mary GIESKE; b. 24 June 1833, Germany

5. Johanna GIESKE; b. 28 October 1835, Germany

6. William GIESKE; b. 14 September 1838

7. Caroline GIESKE; b. 25 August 1842

8. Elizabeth GIESKE; b. 1845

The family story is that the GIESKE family departed Germany in 1846 on a
sail boat with the families of Gortermiller, Strubbe and Summerfruit. The
village of Osnabrueck burned down and they took their possessions and went
to the USA, landed in Baltimore, Maryland and settled in Ripley County

I work in Dresden and live in Radebeul until 31DEC01 at which time I will
return to the USA.

If you are unable to assist me, please recommend someone who can.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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