German Prison of war camp


I did a little calling around to try and answer your question with a
little results. I talked with one person whos parents had these
prisoners help with farm work several times. One of the prisoners was a
craftsman and made he and his sister a "Scarf Holder" as he called it
with there initials carved in it. It was carved from some hardwood. In
addition the prisoner also made his mother a jewelry box carved from
Limestone with her initials in it. They still have these items and both
are beautiful. ("The fact they were carvings suggests to me the must
have trusted him with a knife")

!!!He also knew of one Prisoner who returned and married a girl from
nearby Deshler Nebraska.

  My brother remembers one prisoner stating if he could get his wife over
here, he would not return. I remember them working hard but not knowing
how to work and my father trying to teach them. I also remember they
wanted to get out of camp and do farm work.

I live in Lincoln, most of a 100 miles from the area and have for many
years so I have lost contact with anyone in the area that could give more
specifics. It is my feeling they were treated good.---Bob