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Hello Everyone...
I hang my head in shame, but can anyone please tell me whether Hesse or
Gottingen were once part of Westphalia, Prussia...say in the 1800s..and when
the civil registrations began for either area.?
I have found a marriage Certificate which says my ancestor was born in
Gottenhun ? (anglicised misspelling of Gottingen ?? through a thick german
accent) Westphalia Prussia...and his Australian Naturalisation Certificate
where he says he was born in Hesse, Hesse-Darmstadt in 1833.
Can anyone please point me in the right direction..
Gay from Australia..

Hello Gay,

There is a Gottenheim in south Germany in the near of Freiburg. I dont think it
belonged to Hessen-Darmstadt, but I dont know it exactly.

I think you have to search for the university town Goettingen with o=umlaut in
the south of Lower Saxony. About 50 km north of Kassel (Hessen-Kassel). It was a
part of Westfalia, Prussia former Kingdom of Hannover.
There are no films at familysearch.

The civil registration starts in the 1860s, but they have much older

If your ancestor was protestantic please write to:

Ev.-luth. Kirchenbuchamt
Frau Pyras
Groner Tor Stra�e 30 a
37073 G�ttingen


Best regards,


Gay Fielding schrieb:


there are dozens of villages and towns in Germany with names beginning with Gott~, Gött~ (Goett) or Götz~ (Goetz). I do not think that Göttingen (Goettingen) would be the right solution of your problem. You could try: Gottbüren (Gottsbueren) which is today part of Trendelburg, close to the Westphalian/Hessian border; Gottstreu part of Oberweser/Hessen; Götterbachtal part of Hövels/Sieg; last not least: Götzenhain part of Dreieich/Hessen(-Darmstadt?). But there are a lot of more possible solutions. Do you have any handwritten location name from that time?