German-Am Persecution in WW I

When the war broke out my mother apparently was in German school. They
closed the school and she went to public school. During WWII, they took
German off the list of languages to learn in the High School. When I got
there after the war, it still was not available. I later found out it was
available at the College. For me it was too little too late. Spain was
sympathetic to Germany towards the end of the war but Spanish wasn't taken
off the list and I was angry.
Until... I grew up and found out what they did to the Japanese Americans.
Then I felt we had nothing to complain about compared to the Japanese. Ohio
and Illinois are not that far apart and I never was aware of any
persecutions. I thought McCarthy and his so called committee to find and
brand any communist sympathizers were nothing more than a bunch of crooked
persecutors. Waving "Old Glory" under the guise of patriotism, while they
branded and destroyed many honest Americans.

Just my opinion, but I am 100% German-American. I believe in Jesus and
Freedom and loving our neighbors some may not want to hear that. But we will
always have some rotten apples among us, that's a fact of life. Let's put
the past in the past and see what we can do to take our heritage and make a
better future. I'm sure our ancestors would approve.

God Bless Us All,