Gerd Moennich of Iowa & Nebraska (Munderloh and others)

Yes, thank you very much, Hugo.
I will see if my parents or someone who knows more would like to contact Mr.
Moenning. The account of Henry Maas you recommended one of my mother's favorites.
She reads it over and over. At the following link, you see how Gerd "Oer"
MUNDERLOH accompanies Gerd "Herd" Monnich (no umlaut and no "e" on the first
and they had worked as ship carpenters before leaving Germany together.

" ...A number of young people decided to emigrate, among them Oer Munderloh
and family, Herd Monnich and family, and 'Fredrich Pundt' from Bordewisch.
These three worked together as ship carpenters at Elsflelth. Pundt took a
position on a ship headed for New York. There he waited for the rest with a
friend, Bulling. Munderloh and Monnich came later with a steamer to New
York, thence to Peoria, Illinois, where a sister, Mrs. F. Wenke lived..."

More about MONNICH and MUNDERLOH and their time at the Amana Colonies:

Gerd MUNDERLOH's first wife was named Anna MONNICH "born on March 6, 1821,
in Germany (possibly Holle). Mrs. Munderloh was a sister of Gerhard
"Anna Monnich Munderloh died on February 9, 1858 and is buried at St. John's
cemetery, Hooper, Nebraska." Gerd and his second wife are listed directly
above. Her first name is not written, just "Monich Munderloch" with one "n"
and an added "c."

This sent to me by my mother. I will send your letter to her.

From various sources, the spellings vary from Gerd to Gerhard to Jared and

on census it can read: Mundalo, Munderlo, or Munderloh. The same for Gerd
Monnich's name which sometimes is spelled Gerhard.

Thank you, once again. There are many more surnames in the Maas story that
may help others connect.

Gerd Munderloh is my great-great grandfather.
I did not know this story until recently. I did not know of my
grandfather's very German heritage until a few years ago. His father was
from the Neumark. He was born in Scribner.
I am putting a few things on a Munderloh Forum. Should anyone have anything
connected, including spouses and friends, please post or make corrections to
my posts at:

Amy (Klemke) Uehara, Japan

A number of recent emails mention Gerd Moennich, an immigrant from Oldenburg
to Iowa, who moved eventually to Nebraska, where he died.

Those who are working on this family should contact Manfred Moenning,
Parkstr 56, 27798 Hude/Oldenburg, Germany. Manfred has a great deal of
information on this family and would be most happy to share it with anyone
interested. Unfortunately, he does not have email, and speaks only German,
so Americans who write in English should allow him time to get their letters
translated, and respond via snailmail. He is a jewel, and has helped many
of us unravel families from the Hude area.

Secondly, there is an account of the immgration of Gerd Maas on line, which
gives considerable information about Gerd Moennich as well. It can be
accessed at http//www/ Follow all the links
for a full story of this wave of immigration, which is a sad story, costing
many lives.

I have a number of items which may be of interest to those studying this
family, including items from various Nebraska county histories and
biographies of Gerd & Anna Moenich and their children, which I would be glad
to share with interested persons.

Finally the website should be checked carefully. In 2002 Dr.
Wolfgang Grams, director of the organization Route to Roots Tours which
sponsors this site, led a tour of 19 German travelers (including Manfred
Moenning, who has relatives in the area) to the Scribner/Uehling/Hooper
area, so I should think he would have information on this family on his

Hugo Schroeder