George E. Hattorf 1880 in New York

Dear Listies

We have been talking about the search in the 1880 Census (and in all census
years). I never found George E. Hattorf (who's father was coming from Lower
Saxony) in the 1880 Census someone sayd he may be not in New York this year. So
i am searching like an IDIOT to find this family for 3 years

Well .....Yesterday i found something new at

_List of registered voters in the city of New York, for the year 1880_

And who is in the list: Fourtheenth assembly district, 8 election district,
362 enumeration.

3RD Avenue House Number 115 George E. Hattorf and in another apartement
Elisha van Brunt.

I know Hattorf is not to find so i was looking for all people living around
(my wifes idea) and finally i found Greater New York Manhatten.

And i found all people in the list … NO George E.
Hattorf !!!
Looks like another family is living in his apartement. And now i cant find
him in the index. Is he one of those forgotten people, so will i ever see him
and his wife and the name of his children ??? This is not fair really not
fair i am so sad now.

The only chance seems to be to find him in the 1885 New York Census, but
this one is of course not only so i will need a researcher in New York.

Anyway have a fine weekend

Sniff Armin

Armin, I understand your frustration. If you look at this site, you will see that there was no 1885 NY State census taken. Phyllis