George E. Hattorf 1880 in New York (Rena)

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George E. Hattorf 1880 in New York

Hi Rena

Thank you for your mail ! Hm difficult to believe for me that George E. was
in Europe in 1880. His son August is born 1879 i would not leave my family if
i have a one year old son at home and a wife. And whom should he visit. HIS
family, his grandfather in germany died greatgrandfather died 1838 his father
is in Virginia with a new family and his mother i think she was dying having
a baby around 1856 !
And he is not in 1860, 1870, 1880 always on a Europe trip. I think he is so
hard misspelled that noone can find him or he was moving around in New York,
so he was just leaving as the enumerator came or ???

OK there is still one idea she is very strange i know .... If a German wants
to leave his country he goes to France or Italy or Spain ....
A US-Citizen? Perhaps Candada? Why not? Some of the Hattorf family have been
going to Canada.
And his brother Frederick was living for a certain time in Vermont i think
this is not so far to the canadian border or am i wrong?

Thank you so much for your help

Hi again Armin;

Maybe you have already done this, but if not, I would advise ordering the Civil War pension file for George E Hattorf. I know it costs money, but it very well may help you solve your problem of why you can't find them in some census.

Since the index card on Ancestry indicates he was in 13 NY Militia H(Heavy) Artillery, and he filed in New York in 1906, and there is no indication on the card of a widow filing, I would guess that his wife had died before that, or.... If you have not ordered one before, email me privately and will try to help. This can be done ONLINE and costs $37.00. He would have had to give much information about his life to apply for the pension; you may very well find out something interesting!

It is simple to do; I found it very enlightening for members of my family both Civil and Mexican War. Phyllis

Hi again Armin;

Other things you might try if not already done so are:

1)Contact the Cypress Hills Cemetery re: what they have on file about George E Hattorf- most likely you will find out if this is the same one who died in Florida. Their phone no is on their website.

2) Go to Random Acts of Kindness to see if there is a volunteer in Orange County Florida listed. If there is, give them the details listed in Florida death index on Ancestry for George E Hattorf. See then if it is the same one as buried in NY.The death record(if it the same person as you are looking for) can give you info re: wife, children.

Hope it helps--I know how it feels to be unable to get over a brick wall. After more than 10 years, still unable to find the town in the Kingdom of Hannover that Heinrich Heiser, my gr gr grandfather came from.


Armin, one more thought--

Did George E have a brother Frederick who served in the same regiment? they are both listed at "Soldiers and Sailors in the Civil War" website as serving in Co F of 13th NY Regiment of Heavy Artillery. If so, this site also says this unit was actually formed and mustered out in Virginia after serving for 3 months in 1862. Any chance George may have followed his father to Virginia for any period of time and then came back to New York?