Georg Precht relatives-Bostelmann/Merten/Holtig/Linich

Georg Precht born in 1830s married to Emma Bostelmann had children: Pauline
Merten (Herman), Emma Holtig, Eduard, Herman, Georg and Theodore m. Annie
Winters and my grandfather, Heinrich Julius who was the only one to come to America
(Chicago, IL) where he met and married Maria Rahmel and had Maria, Henry,
Theodor, Paul Frederich, Herman Precht. Pauline Precht b approx. 1850's to
Herman Merten professor at Stadt Univ. had Karl, Herman, Emma Merten Linnich
married to Dr. Karl Linnich, Paul, Dorothea and Paula. Georg + Georg Precht ran the
glass factory on the outskirts of Hamburg.

Pls. help me find anyone connected with this family.

Marge Olson