GenWiki in Norwegian

Hello again.

Thank you (all) for many helpful hints and general helpfulness. I
appreciate it greatly.

It just so happens that I have come in contact with a few Norwegian
genealogers that are also currently Wikipedia administrators, so we
have discussed setting up our very own Norwegian genealogy wiki. So
it seems we will be setting it all up on our own servers.

When we have it all set up, we would of course like to exchange links
and information with you, and collaborate on many things. I'll stay
in touch.

I think, it is time to try on a (north?) european basis
future way of working and cooperatin in the genealogical

Can anyone try to find out, which people should be
contacted and may have interest in speaking about?

I would like to take this oppurtunity to invite those
people to come to germany (as a central country?) at a
weekend in the first half of 2007. I think that the genealogists
from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Netherlands are
very interested. May be we should start with those first?
Or extend from the beginning also with France, Poland, Slowakei,