Fulling/Fuelling, Dueffelmeier,Duffelmeyer

Would someone be able to look up Johann Christoher FULLING/FUELLING born
1832, wife Maria Eleanore Dueffelmeier married 1856 in Harpenfeld, Germany ,
Emmigrated about 1857 to Cleveland, Ohio in Germans to America? I would
appreciate this as I don't have access to the set. MagdalenaJLM@aol.com
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Dear Mrs. M,

(as in James Bond ?)

It is listed in Germans to America 11, April 1857 - Nov. 1857, Wilmington, DE
1988, p. 270, left column, No. 63 - 65 (out of 241)
          LEONORE 25 F UNKNOWN H000 IN
          JOHANN .06 M INFANT H000 IN

vessel: Republik, from Bremen, arrival in New York 08 Aug. 1857

The Bremen ship Republik took of in Bremerhaven on June 21st, the captain was W.
Wenke, there were 267 passengers (!)
(attachment to No. 4 of the "Deutsche Auswanderer-Zeitung" (German Emigrants
Newspaper), of Rudolstadt, Thuringia, of 25th of January 1858)

So you were lucky, that your Fuelling party was not among the 26 individuals
that were omitted by "Scolarly Resources"/Glazier & Filby.

Sincerely yours

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