Friederici / Friderici / von Friederici family history research
The family name Friederici / Friderici is a latinized name coming from the
name Friedrich / Friederich. Beginning in the 16th century about 20 larger
families appear in the German speaking areas, from which interesting family
trees can be developed. I am currently working on these "Friederici family
trees". This was always my hobby and is not a commercial activity. On
request I would gladly give more detailed information on my work. You can
find a table with 20 heads of Friederici families, with dates and places on
the homepage at

1. Who knows any of this name in the 17th -19th century ?

2. Who knows any emingrants of this family to the USA, Canada and oversees?

3. Who has the name Fri(e)derici in his list of ancestors?

4. Who knows any emingrants to Stockholm and Göteborg in the 17th century ?