Franken-L Digest, Vol 38, Issue 2

Dear Mr. Wambach and List:

Although I don't speak or read German, I have been a member of the Franken List, as well as the Rootsweb Lists: "Bavarian Ancestors" and "Bavaria" for some time. What I find with the German language messages is that the special characters are not shown correctly, making it especially hard for me in trying to understand the message. But I do read the messages (or attempt to read them), hoping to find a connection to my German ancestors: Wambach from Pr��berg / Pruessberg (Michelau im Steigerwald) and Isselhard, Romeis, Schlosser and other names from Schifferstadt in former Bavaria. And now, I note Harald Wambach's message, asking about the Stadtarcchiv Neustadt an der Aich (my RV Autoatlas has the last part of the name as AISCH).
I see that Harald's Neustadt is not far south of my Pruessberg, so I'm hoping that Harald and I might find that we are distant cousins. I should mention that my wife and I visited Pruessberg about ten years ago, finding no trace of my Wambach ancestors at that time. They apparently all emigrated to America in the early 1840 time period.
Harald, I hope you can read this and can respond! Others are welcome to do so also!
Best wishes to all,
Robert Francis Wambach
Ontario, Wayne County, New York

I have made an adjustment to the list settings. Maybe the Umlauts will
now appear correctly.