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Dear listmembers, specially German members,

I am searching for the familynames POHL AND VOSSEBERG as far as I know
coming from the surrounding of OSNABRUECK, villages HOLLENSTEDE, MERZEN
and SCHWAGSTORF. Part of the family is between 1700-1850 "ausgewandert"
to Holland and started their activities in the suurounding of Utrecht in
a village called Vinkeveen.
Is there anyone who is familiar with this names or is searching in this

Any information could be of interesting,
Thanks in advance,

Martin Versteeg

Hello Martin,

you may already know the site
If not, it sure is worth a look. It comes up with the surname
POHL in Utrecht, Netherlands and has 326 hits for the surname

Ralf Stamporek

Martin Versteeg schrieb:

Hello Ralf,

Thanks for your reaction,
Genlias and Genlias monitor I allready know and I am working with both
with succes.
I am looking for the family Pohl an Vosseberg before 1800 in the
mentioned area of Germany; my family search started there, the Dutch
part of the families is allmost complete.


Martin Versteeg

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Hi Martin!

I have some Vosseberg:

Gerd Vosseberg
born 1694
married before 1726 in Schwagstorf with Anna Marie von der Haar
Child: Margret Aleyd Vosseberg
buried Nov. 19, 1751 in Schwagstorf

Margret Aleyd Vosseberg (daughter of Gerd)
bapt. Nov. 13, 1735
married May 7, 1764 in Schwagstorf with Joan Otte
Child: Johann Gerd Otten
died Feb. 14, 1809

Maybe these are related to your Vosseberg's.

Franz Felschen

Hi Franz,

Thank you very much for your reaction; it looks like that it could be
part of my family, I have to figure it out!


Martin Versteeg

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