Emigration nach USA

Do you know which port in the United States the emigrants came to? Most of
the passenger manifests give the destination of the emigrant within the USA.

In a message dated 9/8/01 4:34:34 AM Central Daylight Time, wvuijk@zonnet.nl

Kann mir vielleicht einer sagen wo ich eine liste kann einsehn
wo emigranten vom Hamburg, Bremen oder andere haven gewanderd
sind nach die USA.
Es geht um die periode nach 1840 bis 1920.

Perhaps to me one can say where I one would list can in-longs where emigrants
of Hamburg, Bremen or other haven garb-ground are after the USA. It concerns
the period after 1840 to 1920.

Dear Denise

I am looking in the ellisislandrecord but not found the name.
Be there a other harbours and also with listing?


Werner Vuijk