Emigration List

Is there a Hanover Emigration List similar to that of The Wuettembug Emigration List. Is so would someone tell me

Hi Max,

There is an index on the emigration records for the districts of Hannover,
Osnabrueck and Braunschweig (Brunswick). It should be under
But just this moment it won´t work.


Falk Liebezeit


The website is up and working today but it is German and I do not spesk or read German. Any direction?

Dear Mr. Burgdorf,

You go from the homepage to Recherche, OnlineFindbuch,
Next marked in red
Then there is a box with four lines,
You must fill in line one, two through four are optional

Then you get results (hopefully), sorted by archives
(Hannover, Osnabrueck or Wolfenbuettel),
And the Signatur, the record number that you need e. g. to ask for
a photostatic (they do ask a fee)
The database is sorted like this: (English below)

1. Name, Wohnort
2. Geburtsdatum bzw. Alter und vom Wohnort abweichender Geburtsort
3. Beruf
4. Namen der Eltern
5. Mitauswandernde Familienangehörige mit Angabe des
Verwandtschaftsverhältnisses (Bruder, Frau, Sohn, Tochter etc.)
6. Konfession
7. Zielort bzw. –land
8. Datum bzw. Jahr der Auswanderung (Paßerteilung, Konsenserteilung,
Abfahrt o. ä.)
9. Vermögen
10. Bemerkungen (= Grund für die Auswanderung u. ä.)

1. Name, residence
2. Birth date resp. age and birth place if diffent from residence
3. Occupation
4. Names of the parents
5. Accompanying family member incl. statement of relationship degree
(brother, wife, son, daughter etc.)
6. church affiliation
7. Destination, place resp. country
8. Date resp. year of emigration (passport issued, granting of
emigration consensus, departure or similar)
9. Financial means
10. Remarks (= reasons for emigration or similar)

Good luck

Falk Liebezeit