Emigration (Gugelmeyer)

You should check also the quartely list!

Hello Werner,
     You are one of those fine people who have helped me in the Gügelmeyer
search! Thank you again! What is the quarterly list?

Hi Barbara,
    The quarterly lists for the port of Baltimore are just that--lists. But they
can be valuable. They do not give you the name of the ship, or the exact date
your ancestor may have arrived in the US but they can give you the quarter of the
year. I used them when I had exhausted all other Baltimore lists and found our
ancestor in the fourth quarter of 1836. The microfilm number I used was #1376179
which is the Quarterlu Abstract for Jan 1, 1834 to Dec 31, 1837. Numbers up or
down from there will give you other years.
Good luck.

Barbara Stewart wrote:


Thank you for the explanation. Are those microfilm from the LDS or National
Archives? I just may check Baltimore if there is some quicker way to find
something. They were from the Meppen area and so many of them came through
New Orleans and up the river, but I sure can't find them! There is an
index for Atlantic and Gulf ports (other than NY) but they are not there. I
know they could have come through NY as well, but the thought of going
through one year (1853) by reading 13 microfilms is a little scary! I just
don't understand how they got out of Germany with no permission to emigrate
that we can find. Who knows??


Hi Barbara,
    They are LDS films. Have you tried the series of books called "Germans to
America"? The year 1853 would be included in its own volume. I found the volumes
at the U.of Delaware library. Don't know where you are located but that may be one
way of finding them. I was able to find ancestors coming from Silesia by going
through the books year by year. It will list the ship's name, date of arrival and
place of arrival. Then you can more easily find the manifest. Many of the
Baltimore manifests for the 1830's were destroyed, so this was my only way to find
these ancestors. And while many think our ancestors all got permission to leave--
you can't count on that to help you. I have found all sorts of folks who moved to
Mercer County, Ohio from Cincinnati at the same time our ancestors did---but never
did I find our ancestors in these lists. Do try the "Germans to America" and then
the quarterly lists. They may answer your question.
Good luck.

Barbara Stewart wrote:

Thank you again, Sophie. I've tried the Germans to America--not there
either. The only reason why I've been trying to get the info from the
German side is that I have not found anything in the U.S. I will look into
the Baltimore films.

It must have been possible because they apparently had officials
even back in those days who had a liking for easy money.
A few coins across a persons palm will make room for an extra
My grand father departed Switzerland about 1874 and he apparently
had some extra money because he did not have permission.


     That is interesting. How do you know he did not have permission? Did
he use his own name? Do you know if people in the mid-1800's could go
freely to live in another country (or province or kingdom)? I'm wondering
if the Gügelmeyers would have gone from Hannover over to Westfalen to get
permission--or to the Netherlands?

People departed their homeland in the time period that has been mentioned
for many reasons, living conditions, employment, weather, lack of enough food,
problems with the authorities for both men and women and for men to avoid
military service which was compulsory. The records in the district where my
grandfather was born and raised have no information concerning him after
the 1870 time period. This includes a record of permission being granted to him
to depart Switzerland. People moved around with or without permission.

You should do some reading about the times you are researching in and forget
the what if's. Enough said.