Ehlers and Wulf families originating from Haffkamp-Panker and Parish of Giekau in Kirchenkreis Plön-Segeberg

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I have noticed your emails on the Ehlers families over the years and am now helping my niece in Australia with some research from her father's family. Her father, Karlheinz Heinrich Ehlers, was born in Billstedt in Hamburg in 1934 and came to Australia at the age of 19. Her grandfather, Ernst Ludwig Ehlers born 14 Apr 1908 died in 21 Dec 1943. Below are the details of his birth and baptism.

If there are any other Ehlers or Wulf families who have a connection with Ehlers and Wulf families from the subject area, I would love the hear from you.

Ernst Ludwig Ehlers, * 14 April 1908 in Giekau, ~ 3 May in the Heikendorf school building
parents are listed as
Heinrich Ludwig Ehlers
Karolina Anna, née Wulf resident in Haffkamp in 1908;
The Baptismal record for Ernst Ludwig Ehlers:
Baptismal register; parish Giekau 2.3, entry 23 in 1908, no page # (Fiche 4+)
Time & place of baptism: 3 May 1908; Heikendorf school building
Time & place of birth: 14 Apr 1908 in Giekau
Child's First name: Ernst Ludwig; (?):
Name, date and place of residence of the parents or the mother:
Ehlers, Heinrich Ludwig tenant on land he had inherited & Karolina Anna, née Wulf, (resident) in Haffkamp,
Name and location of Godparents (sponsors):
1) Heinrich Dose of Rohsbam
2) Ernst Wulf Haferstoppel
3 ) Minna Schöndung (?) of Sagendorf / Sagindorf

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