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My paternal grandfather's name was Henry EGGERS.
He was born in Achim, near Bremen, 1April 1866, one of 12 children, so I believe.

   I have heard Achim described as a "dorf" and believe his father was probably
a farmer.
His father was Johann EGGERS, born 8 March 1818, I presume also born in Achim (?).
His mother was Adelheit WULBERS, born 10 October 1835.

Henry EGGERS came to US, New York, approximately 1882, arriving on his sixteenth birthday
(according to my father) and became a citizen 5 years later.
He had several brothers and a sister who also came to the US.

I would love to hear from anyone who can tell me something about the people or
facts which I have given.

Joy E. Bold

Joy Bold

Eberle also found in the SWISS, we have this in our tree...
The migrated later to Penna.!
Are you researching EBERLE SWISS or HANNOVER?
Looking fw. of hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Brigitte aus Fl.

Hello Joy,

       Have you looked at the church records that the LDS has on microfilm
for Achim, Hannover:

     Kirchenbuch, 1542-1897 Evangelische Kirche Achim (Kr. Achim)

       If you live near a LDS center, you can order and view the microfilm