Ebendorf and Badeleben

I researching my family history. Does anyone know where the towns of Ebendorf and Badeleben are located.

The reference I have are Ebendorf bie Magdeburg and Ebendorf bie Magdeburg.

I have checked a map of Sachsen - Anhalt but can not locate them.

Have they been absorbed into a larger town (city)?

Are there specific church records for the time period of 1800 to 1850 for these communities?

Thank you

Jim Danielsen
Stoughton, Wisconsin USA


You can find the information (in English) at http://gov.genealogy.net/ -
select the GOV-tab and enter the name of the place you are looking for.
Sachsen-Anhalt is a different state to Sachsen - it is confusing, but


Peter (Puschak)

Dear Jim,
Have you gotten any responses to your request for the location of the towns of Ebendorf and Badeleben? I apologize for not e-mailing sooner but have just come back from Kansas from my only sisters funeral. I live in Minnesota.
I also am researching the area west of Magdeburg and have maps that show these two towns. I am currently working with a wonderful researcher and am planning a trip to the area during July of this year. What surnames are you researching?
Also, have you checked the LDS website for microfilmed records of these towns? There are microfilmed records of both towns from approx. 1808 - 1874. You don't live far from Madison and Madison is large enough that I would think they would have a Morman LDS genealogy library. Unfortunately, years ago when LDS microfilmed records in Germany, for some reason they did not microfilm all of the church books that existed. I am not sure why. Anyway, prior records for these towns would probably be available at the archiv in Magdeburg on microfilm. Go to:
Go to the library catalog and type in the name of the town and Germany. If you want to send me your address, I will mail copies to you of the maps that I have showing your towns. My family towns are all around yours!
Joanne Becker
14630 54th St. NE
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