E-mail address needed

Dear Barbara--

Thank you so much for the e-mail information and web site for Liebert
Fotostudio. I remember years ago my older brother visiting the German Embassy in NYC
and being told that our Berger family was one of three in the area of
Holzminden and that the Photography family stilled owned the business and would
probably know. I am hoping it is the same situation today and they will respond!
I will let you know how I make out!

By the way, what time of year do you think is best to visit Germany?

Thanks again.

Claire A. Berger

Hello Claire,
       We went to Germany once in May and another time in June. Both of
those times were very nice. I like that better than in the fall when the
days are so short--particularly in northern Germany. The schools in most of
Europe are not finished for the year until late June and then, there are
more people traveling. You should get a good road atlas, rent a car and go
where you want. It is an easy country to get around in. Even the famous
autobahn is not as scary as we thought it would be. Some people drive VERY
fast, but if you stay out of the inside lane, except to pass, you're fine.
I would say the majority of people do not drive at those high speeds. The
signs on the highways are very well marked. Cities are a little harder, but
that is true everywhere. You should have a navigator to read the map. There
are so many little roads and villages, you really have to figure out where
you are going in advance. It is so different than in a lot of our country
with the wide open spaces. All of Germany is said to be no bigger than the
state of Montana! The people are very nice and most speak English in the
shops and restaurants. You can stay at some wonderful Bed & Breakfast
places--or small hotels, often family-owned. It is not expensive to eat
there--and you can get a nice meal at any time--not like France, Spain and
Italy where they have dinner at 8 or 9 in the evening -- and sometimes not
before! Gas is high, but that is true in all of Europe. Right now our
dollar is very weak - so that makes any trip more expensive.
    You can also do genealogy research there if you plan ahead. You'll love