Duwel, Duewel, Duwell, Duewell, Duvel, Duevel

I am looking to find anyone interested in these names, as a possible
connection to my family Dufel or Duefel of Hille (near Minden).

The earlier church records in Hille often used the spelling Duwel (with an
umlaut), sometimes with two "l's". Some family members retained this
spelling others seem to go by Dufel (with an umlaut in Germany, without one
in Amewrica). The Duvel spelling was also used occasionally throughout the
records in Hille.

Another group of these names is found in the records in Erkeln and in some
communities in and around Osnabruck.

These various spellings are all found in the United States and Germany, and
I am wondering if the family groups have a common origin?

Gary Dufel - duf@ntplx.net

I have both a D�vel and D�wel married to Richters in W�bbel, Lippe.